Our Eczema Story

My child has had it rough. Amongst many things she has eczema. BAD eczema!  It has gotten so bad her dad doesn’t want her outside for fear people will think we are abusing her. It’s all over…face, ears, neck, tummy, back, legs and ankles. It has only spares her feet bottoms, for the most part her diaper area, her chest and back can sometimes be “ok”.

It’s red and firey. It oozes.. literally drips water like a faucet, then crusts over, turns yellow and looks scarey. It has brought me and her to tears countless times. It itches, it burns, it keeps her up at night.

On top of it, she has severe autism. She cannot speak and cannot tell me where it hurts, what triggers it nothing. She cannot sign either.

Very shortly after being born she had red cheeks. And hence the steroid cream that doesn’t ever fully work started. 

She was not breast fed very much at all. She was a preemie and couldn’t latch and I couldn’t produce. After some time on similac we switched her to Allimentum formula, she is a broken down milk protein hypoallergenic formula. She was having bad acid reflux. Crying, colic, diarreah etc. Life already sucked for her.

Looking back now.. boy I’d pay for simple red blotched cheeks.. because it got worse and worse. Due to her autism she didn’t eat solids until about 3. She ate sweet potatoes and allimentum and pear purree. 

Of course she had even more pressing matters at the time like breathing and pain but that’s another story.

She is 5 now. She was suppose to “grow out of it”. But she didn’t. It just got worse and worse. 


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